Sew Cute Tuesday: Wendy’s Quilts and More

Sew Cute Tuesday

Hello and welcome to Sew Cute Tuesday. I’m Wendy from Wendy’s Quilts and More and it’s my pleasure to host Sew Cute Tuesday today. I only started blogging 18 months ago, but I’ve been sewing and quilting for much longer than that. Work-wise I studied Commerce at Auckland University and became an accountant, but I […]

The Bee Hive: Double Star

Double Star quilt block tutorial

Hi all! It’s Christa here from Christa Quilts and I’m delighted to share my 12″ finished block for The Bee Hive with you today! It’s called Double Star and looks equally striking in black and white or color. Here’s what the quilt layout looks like when the block is repeated. I just love the secondary […]

Sew Cute Tuesday

Sew Cute Tuesday

Hey guys! Welcome back to Sew Cute Tuesday, the cutest Tuesday around! Spring has taken a little bit of a regressive turn around here – last Wednesday we had snow for goodness sake! Snow. In April. In Tokyo. After practically nil all winter! So checking out your floral bonus post offerings was exactly what was […]

#thebeehivequilts: Houndstooth and Mineral

Houndstooth quilt block

You guys have been so busy making Bee Hive blocks and sharing on Instagram on #thebeehivequilts feed! I will regularly be sharing blocks and quilts from the #thebeehivequilts hashtag feed on Instagram that you guys have been sharing so that you can see the different ways people interpret quilts blocks from The Bee Hive. Today, […]

Planning My Free Motion Quilting

FMQ ideas

I’ve been having a play with my sketchbook this week, thinking about what kind of free motion quilting designs I want to use to fill in my Swarm quilt. I’ve been rewatching the range of free motion quilting classes on Craftsy that I’ve signed up for over the past 2 years, and gathering some ideas. […]

Quilt-volution: A Medallion Quilt Design

Medallion quilt design

I joined the Quilt Design A Day group on Facebook in February, having been inspired to design just for the sake of designing and creating (and building up my EQ7 muscles!). Each week, a member is in charge of posting “sparks” – a photo they’ve taken and then pulled some of the colours out to […]

Sew Cute Tuesday: Flowers

Sew Cute Tuesday

Hello guys! Welcome back to Sew Cute Tuesday, the part of the show where you guys show off your awesomeness and we get to check out the eye candy. I’ve got basset hounds on my mind this week, with my basset-hound-owning in-laws arriving tomorrow night for 3 weeks, yippee! We love having family visiting us […]

The Bee Hive: Spinwheel

Spinwheel quilt block

I’m going to admit now that it was a conscious challenge to not do all my designs for The Bee Hive to be playing with flying geese and half-square triangles! But Spinwheel was much too fun to not include in this series. It uses one 6″ unit rotated four times to make up the 12″ […]

Circle Of Life Mini Quilt

Circle of Life close up

It only took me 6 weeks to finally finish quilting a 24″ square mini, but hey, I got it done! Between QuiltCon and the returning to 4 weeks and counting of my husband and I taking turns to be sick (literally, the day I flew back he had come down with a temperature), and other […]