She Likes It, She Really Really Likes It!

quilted scarf

My daughter is quite, um, opinionated in what she likes and does not like. Once she’s decided she doesn’t like something, even for something little and actually quite nice/yummy, it’s very hard to convince her otherwise! At the start of winter I gave her the Charm Pack Cherry quilt to use on her bed, but […]

Sew The Rainbow Series

Sew The Rainbow

This year is the final year of the Japanese Colour Club *sad face* Because next year we move back to Australia *happy/sad face* So I wondered how I could make it a little bit more special to remember this amazing time in my life *think face* And then I had a fun idea *aha face* […]

Sew Cute Tuesday

Sew Cute Tuesday

Welcome back to Sew Cute Tuesday, the funnest quilting linky around! If I may say so myself… I’ve been working on my Schnitzel & Boo Mini quilt this week. I was a couple of days late sending it due to the unexpected amount of emails and admin to do for The Bee Hive, and my […]

#thebeehivequilts: Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe quilt block

It always fascinates me the different ways people use colour and fabric placement to change the way a quilt block looks! I will regularly be sharing blocks and quilts from the #thebeehivequilts hashtag feed on Instagram that you guys have been sharing so that you can see the different ways people interpret quilts blocks from […]

Sew Cute Tuesday

Sew Cute Tuesday

Tuesday, Tuesday, gonna get down on Tuesday… welcome back to Sew Cute Tuesday! Around here, it’s been all about The Bee Hive for me! Getting the quilting bees aka swarms up and running, writing about quilting bee etiquette, answering a million emails and comments on social media plus getting the first quilt block tutorial for […]

How To Bee – Quilting Bee Etiquette


One of the coolest things that has repeatedly come out with starting The Bee Hive swarms was that this is the first quilting bee for so many of you! You asked the question, “To bee or not to bee*…” and decided that this was definitely the time to bee, and I’m truly honoured and grateful […]

The Bee Hive – Tic Tac Toe


January’s block – Tic Tac Toe – is a quick and easy block using two prints to create an intersecting naughts and crosses quilt. Whether you choose to use two contrasting colours or maybe two shades of one colour – light and dark blue perhaps – this is a quilt that will come together quickly […]

The 2015 Stash Plans

Blossom Heart Quilts stash

Last year, I did a fabric fast for the first half of the year. I had a few exceptions – backing, binding and solids mainly as I don’t keep bulk of those on hand – but other than that, it was pretty darn successful and really helped me realise just what my personal, general “philosophy […]

Introducing Gotcha Covered Quilting + Giveaway

Gotcha Covered Quilting

Carrie and I have had a lot of fun over the past year, or more, on social media. She’s such a fun lady and has always been incredibly encouraging of my quilting and blogging, and I’m very lucky to call her my friend. She’s also headed to QuiltCon, so she’s definitely on my list to […]

The Bee Hive – Swarms Now Open!


One of the most exciting things about The Bee Hive blocks, is that they are perfect for quilting bees. Hence the name! Why? Because a quilting bee is a group of (usually) 12 quilters who take turns over a year to make blocks for each other. Each month, one member is “queen bee” and chooses […]